Keep Your Children Safe from Harmful Media

It’s fair to say that that are an awful lot of things broadcasted through the various types of media which we would rather our children didn’t see. Whether it’s violence, sexual content, advertising or whatever there are lot of reasons to shelter our young ones from some of the things out there. However, this can often be easier said than done. Given that there seems to be an increasing element of desensitisation within a lot of the TV that is shown it appears to be deteriorating quickly rather than get any better. So as a parent it is entirely understandable that you would want to mitigate this as much as possible. Here’s a few ideas of how you can do so.

Adhere To Age Ratings

Make sure that you check whether programs are deemed sensible or appropriate for your children. Whilst it can be a little distressing at times when your children are clamouring to see a new film at the cinema there are clearly reasons why age ratings are attributed to them. More often than not the only reason they are so keen to see something is due to seeing the targeted advertising which is so prevalent nowadays. So make sure you go by the guidance which has been set out by the professionals whose job it is to judge the age ratings of a film/game/TV show.


Now this might sound a little judgemental but I really don’t like seeing very young children having smartphones. Why do they even need them? Even once they get to a slightly older age there are many reasons why we should shelter our children from the problems which are delivered through such phones. Firstly, pornography is so readily available that the most unwitting user can end up with adverts showing all sorts of unsavoury images and videos merely by clicking the wrong box. Secondly smartphones are so full of advertising and much of it is aimed and children. What they don’t see can’t harm them. So don’t let them see the advertising. Else you will have a child demanding things and being unhappy because they want, want, want but don’t get.

Block Programs

There are a great number of new technologies available which will allow parents to moderate what their children view. Some TV providers will have parental locks which can be set up allowing you to block certain channels or put time limits etc. on your children’s TV viewing. Suppliers will offer you a variety of options through set top boxes if your TV provider does not offer this facility. You can even get ways to limit things such as PC’s and smartphones so you can feel reassured that your children are less influenced by the things which you do not wish them to view. Technologies such as these allow you to have a personal choice and pick and choose exactly what you deem appropriate, because at the end of the day, everyone has different opinions on what is right and wrong for our children.