Safety At Home – Glass Balustrades and their uses for safety

Safety at home is very important, especially when you have children running around. Glass balustrades are a common sight in today’s world. You see them everywhere – at shopping malls, commercial buildings, even on residential balconies. But what exactly are glass balustrades?

Both balustrades and balusters are commonly seen in shopping malls and homes etc. Balustrades are that “glass fence” that is placed on the edge of platforms in order to prevent people from falling. A baluster is simply the “pillar” of this fence or wall, and the balustrade is the entire fence-like structure.

Prevention of Injuries or Death

Now glass balustrades have become increasingly popular in today’s world, due to their fantastic combination of both form and function. Due to their sleek and transparent look, glass balustrades always look good wherever they are placed, whether they’re in a shopping mall or an office building and they serve their function well, which is to prevent people from falling off platforms and upper stories.

Other than keeping people from falling off the edge of raised platforms, where they could sustain severe injuries by falling, or even die, glass balustrades are often used effectively as glass pool fencing. Glass pool fencing is simply a series of glass balustrades surrounding a swimming pool. A company with solutions can provide you with the frameless glass balustrades if you are keen on DIY or they can provide the full fitting services if required. Having a specialist fit the balustrades is advised as safety is the key priority here.

Protection from Drowning

Now we’re not so concerned about adults falling into the pool, because the worst that would happen is probably that they would get wet, and all the electronics they are carrying would be fried. What glass pool fencing is really for is to prevent children and little kids such as toddlers from falling into a pool and drowning. Of course, this could also include adults that cannot swim and unluckily fall into the deep end of the pool where they cannot simply stand with their head above the water.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children aged up to 4 years old in Australia. In the last twelve years, 379 children under the age of five have drowned in Australia – that’s approximately one child every 12 days, which is alarmingly high.

Glass pool fencing could have very easily stopped a toddler or young child from unintentionally falling into a swimming pool and drowning, and saved many a mother’s tears.

Growing in Style

Now that it’s increasingly common to see glass balustrades being used within a residential context, such as on staircases and balconies, designers have been working hard to develop a style of glass balustrade that incorporates both style and function – thus creating semi-frameless glass balustrades. These specifically designed glass balustrades have minimal, or even no, obvious metal structures at all except perhaps the handlebars on the top, and it seems like you just have a pane of glass or a long sheet of glass extending from the floor culminating in a metal handlebar at the top.
Through the use of clever engineering and a nice bit of architectural design, these semi-frameless glass balustrades are every bit as strong and functional as normal balustrades made of metal, ceramic, or even concrete, but they provide an almost 100% unhindered view. They are best used for balconies and staircases, and especially when a balcony has an exceptional view. Why obstruct a beautiful view when you can have both it and the required safety with this type of balcony?

Glass balustrades come in many forms, styles and looks, but in the end, glass balustrades are simply a new, modern, and very commonly used method to provide safety and protection for both adults and children. If your home or office complex is lacking glass balustrades, you might consider installing some, or asking the person in charge to install some, to ensure the safety of all as well as improving the aesthetics too! Please see our blog on stopp ing unwanted intruders for more tips on home safety.